Hello Hello!

My name is Dominica and I have had my show since 2009. It was originally called "Legends of the Dance Floor" but now my show is called "Delirium Drop." My goal with this show is to share music with others and help underground DJs shine. If you heard a song you like on my show that you would otherwise never have heard of, then I have done my job!

My show is currently on Tuesday nights 8pm-10pm.  I play a wide variety of sub-genres in electronic music.  Currently you will find on my show electro/tribal/latin/progressive house, dubstep, trap, moombahton, and indie dance.

If you....
      -want to hear a specific song/artist on my show,
      -want me to play your mix or an artist's mix on my show,
      -have any press inquiries,
      -or have any other questions, comments, or requests....
then please email me at dmurillo@kuci.org

Follow Me on Twitter: @DeliriumDrop

"Celebrate and Dance so Free"