Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Playlist 9/10

Bad Kingdom - Moderat

Prefuse-73 (XLR8R Mix)  * Just go check out all the mixes they have on there.  They are all really fantasic!
01 Prefuse 73 "Intro"
02 Thundercat "We'll Die" (Brainfeeder)
03 Lapalux "Dance (feat. Astrid Williamson)" (Brainfeeder)
04 Robert Koch "So Bad (Synkro Dub Mix)" (Apollo)
05 Nosaj Thing "Tell" (Innovative Leisure/Timetable)
06 Kelpe "Single Strips (Chesslo Junior Remix)"
07 Prefuse 73 & Machinedrum "The Only Scarf"
08 JJ Doom "Bookfiend (Clams Casino Mix)" (Lex)
09 Shigeto "Olivia" (Ghostly)
10 Moderat "llona" (Monkeytown)
11 Teebs & Prefuse 73 (Sons of the Morning) "The Way That Winter Passed Us" (Yellow Year)
12 FKA Twigs "Water Me" (Young Turks)
13 Mount Kimbie "Bave's Chords" (Hotflush)
14 Lapalux "Flower" (Brainfeeder)
15 Shigeto "Ritual Howl" (Ghostly)
16 Triangle Method "Cloud Cover" (Artery of Mirrors)
17 King Krule "Baby Blue" (True Panther)
18 Andy Stott "Leaving" (Modern Love)
19 Boards of Canada "Sundown" (Warp)

The Mole (XLR8R Mix) 
01 Donny Hathaway "Love, Love, Love" (Atco)
02 Syclops "Unmatched" (Running Back)
03 Eddie C. and Dane pres. The Torpoons "Cosmic Muskrat" (Common Edit)
04 Mark E "Scared" (Jisco)
05 Kid Sublime "JW 005 B2" (Jahwell)
06 Taxi C.A.B. "Chunk-A-Nova (Red Dog Mix)" (House Jam)
07 Ron Trent "Pop, Dip, Spin" (Prescription)
08 Jichael Mackson "Grass Is Always Greener" (Musique Risquée)
09 César Merveille "Melancholy" (Cadenza)
10 Recloose "Electric Sunshine (Andres Remix)" (Rush Hour)
11 Try to Find Me "Get to My Baby (TBD Extension)" (Golf Channel)
12 The Mole "A Daily Affair" (Maybe Tomorrow)
13 Facts of Life "Sometimes" (Kayvette)
14 Gentlemen and Their Ladies "Party Strut" (Jean)
15 Seawind "Free" (BBE)
16 Idris Muhammad "Could Heaven Be Like This" (Kudu)
17 Zezé Motta "Pensamento Ioruba" (Atlantic)
18 Cerrone "Generique" (Malligator)
19 Cerrone "Make Up" (Malligator)
20 Patrick Cowley "Primitive World" (Megatone)
21 Jamie Principle "Bad Boy" (Trax/Rush Hour)

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