Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bathtub Guy

1. Done Wrong - Pretty Lights
2. The Future's What It Used to be - Apollo 440
3. Prophet - Pretty Lights

Mercel Fengler XL8R Podcast
01 Peter Van Hoesen "Attribute 39 (Donato Dozzy Remix)" (Time2Express)
02 Rolando "Filthy" (Ostgut Ton)
03 Stefan Vincent "Conflate Four" (Balans)
04 Architectural "Looking Ahead" (Semantica)
05 Tobias "Classics" (Naiif)
06 Freddi Fresh & Tim Taylor "Butterfingers" (V5)
07 Anthony "Shake" Shakir "Sonar" (Peacefrog)
08 Benjamin Damage "Delirium Tremens" (50Weapons)
09 Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii "Susei (ROD Remix One)" (Systematic)
10 Floorplan "Eclipse" (M‐Plant)
11 Clouds "The Rights of Artificial Life Form" (Turbo)
12 Marcel Fengler "King of Psi" (Ostgut Ton)
13 Unbalance "Rhythm Slave (Steffi Remix)" (Rebalance)
14 Marcel Fengler "Trespass" (Ostgut Ton)
15 Terrence Dixon "Tranquility" (Nice & Nasty)
16 John Heckle "So Far" (Mathematics)
17 Pan Sonic "Pan Finale" (Blast First Petite)

Together -Atropolis
Smoke & Mirrors - Apollo 440
Transitions - Atropolis

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