Saturday, January 8, 2011

Techno & Detroit Music Documentary

Hello Peeps! Check this! A friend of mine sent me this pretty cool documentary that goes over tech house in the Detroit scene.  If you like tech house then I highly suggest you watch this!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last Show til April

Hey Mates!

Not too sure if you read the last post but this will be my last show until April.  I will be posting up songs for you to look out for so you all should still check back.  In fact, I am going to post up this sick documentary on Detroit Tech House tomorrow. If you love tech house then you have to check this out.  Plus, I honestly think this year will bring a rise to tech house and you will definitely see Dirtybird Records all over the place, trust.

Anyways, here's the playlist: (its short because the basketball game ran into my slot)

1. Hope (Studio Version) - Etienne de Crecy
2. Prepare to Fight - Reset
3. Dataloss (Darth & Varder Remix) - Freefire
4. Grand Theft Ecstasy - Feed Me
5. Pong (Wideboys Club Remix) - Wippenberg
6. Get Fresh - Moguai
7. Blood Red - Feed Me
8. Cloudburn - Feed Me Ft. Tasha Baxter

Ill post more songs tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Message From Me to YOU

Hello Hello!

My apologies once again for missing my show last week, I had family business to attend to.  If any of you were curious, Mike Kaspar subbed my show so you can check out his blog if you are interested in what he played.

Also, I am sad to announce that I will not continue Delirium Drop for the next few months.  I am trying to work on personal things regarding my career and other future plans.  Even though Delirium Drop will be on hiatus, I will continue posting up songs, artist info, pictures, videos, and sites of interests at least once a week.

My last show is tomorrow night at 8pm but Delirium Drop will resume in the beginning of April 2010.

Thanks for listening,