Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wild Heart Crazy Sounds

Pennywise Tribute - Bassnectar

(EDX Mix excerpt)
Don't Stop - Sebastian Krieg
Follow Me - Sebjak
Start Again - Chris Reece, Leventina & Passenger 10
Angry Heart - EDX and Sam Obernik
Outro -Sander Van Doorn

Wild Child - (LeCastle Vania Remix) - Stereo Heroes
Rock N Roll Bass - Dynomyt
I Want You - (Kids At The Bar Remix) - Lucky Date
Epic - (The S Remix) - Cyberpunkers 
Cryptocracy - Huoraton
Solid Sounds - Marco V
Work - Blaster
Drugs N Booze - Fractal System and Adam Salarini
Next Big Thing - Throttle
Red Line T-Shirt - JThomas mix
Dungeon (Far Too Loud Remix) - Cyberpunkers
Crazy Rock - Kairo Kingdom
Schlingel - (Etnik Remix) - Dem Slackers
Dirty Thing - Cold Blank Remix - Andy Taylor

1 comment:

  1. Great set! People who brag about underground going mainstream are full of shit. Such people want their favorite musicians to starve for bragging purposes -they are too self absorbed to be happy for the success of musicians who bring them joy!