Sunday, August 12, 2012

Skrillex & Kanye?! Can it be????

So yesterday evening, Skrillex tweeted that he has been in the studio with none other than legendary, 1/2 of Watch the Throne, KANYE WEST!
Now why is this so intriguing to me???

As you know, hip hop (mainstream, not underground) and electronic music have been collaborating more frequently now than ever before.  These collaborations sound more pop and geared towards the mainstream public.  It tends to lack the core sound of hip hop and does not fully encapsulate the intricacies of electronic music.  

However, with Kanye and Skrillex's collaboration, I fully believe that they if they do produce a song together, it has such strong potential to be musically revolutionary to both genres.  Now, Skrillex did also tweet that there is nothing official yet....
 ....but let's say this collaboration does come to be.  Kanye will bring the true essence of hip hop and Skrillex will bring the intricacy of electronic music.

IF this song is successful, this song will be the official merging of 2 genres.  Now some might say this has already happened with Diplo working with Snoop and Usher but I feel that one genre tends to dominate the other in each track.  With the Skrillex/Kanye collab, if successful, both genres will be true to their own form, and not only coexist but the genres will complement each other beautifully and still come off HARD as a m.fer.

Keep an eye/ear out for this.  I can't guarantee this will be a success but this collaboration defines music potential. You see, not only am I excited to hear this collaboration, but I am excited to see how this song will influence other artists and where music will go from there.

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