Monday, September 19, 2011

Double the Music & Double the Crazy!!!

Hola Folks!!! I have AMAZING NEWS! So LIly from Beatification on Thursday nights from 12am-2am, has been moved to Tuesday nights from 10pm-12am!! That's right, she has been moved to right after me!! This means instead of 2 hours of amazing electronic music you get 4 hours of electronic music!!!! So what are you gonna be doing on Tuesday nights hmmmmm....... Well I don't know BUT you are definitely going to want to listen to Delirium Drop and Beatification on KUCI while you're doing it!!!!  Lily is one of my closest friends and every time you hear me talk about how I went to a show to some DJ, I always went with her!  Anyways, the change takes place next Tuesday,  26th of September so be sure to tune in!

1 comment:

  1. :D Your the greatest! I can't wait for the switch to our 4 hour Delirium Dropping Beat (+ification) hours!