Saturday, May 21, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival!!!

So, everyone has been long awaiting something new from Insomniac regarding Electric Daisy Carnival.  I mean, after their ticket release, fans wanted something more to hold on to- a line up, a trailer, for this amazing event to be here already!  Anyways, Insomniac FINALLY released a trailer this week!!!

Yes I have probably watched it about 10 times the first two days it was out.  
Yes it gave me chills all over my body.  Chills of excitement, chills of love, and chills of adventures to come!
Yes I did scream for joy!
Yes I want it to be June 24th already!!!

The truth is, this event is my absolute favorite time of the year!!  In my opinion, its better than every single holiday, my birthday, and all crazy adventures of the year combined.  I mean it's fucking EDC!!!  If you haven't gone yet, you are missing out on a great part of life.  A part of life that can only be witnessed amongst the event confines. 

This will be my FIFTH EDC and I am so excited to go still!! So excited that sometimes when I am going about my daily routine and think about it I just scream and jump for joy.  I think to myself, "Three days of music, art, friends (new and old), and absolute happiness."  At EDC I am thrilled to get lost in a musical world and go on an epic adventure.  At the end of this adventure my soul will be overjoyed!  I would have learned new things about music, myself, others, life, and more.  

Honestly, there is no event like EDC.  I am not saying this is the event of all time, rather, what the experience you will receive will be unlike any other.  Let's put it this way,  after my first EDC I thought to myself "I found what I have been looking for in life.   That moment in time when everything stops and everyone comes together in harmony.  I can't believe it existed all this time.  I can die now because I know I found that beauty in life I have been searching for, the type of beauty they say only exist in movies.  I found it and now,  I know that everything will be okay."

With that, I bring to you, the EDC Trailer!!!! 

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